Innovative design and unrivalled industry experience

MarineGuard deliver unique solutions, leading the way in the superyacht security market.

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In order to create comprehensive and integrated security solutions, MarineGuard offers a range of surveying services relating to the specific maritime asset or assets that its clients wish to protect.


MarineGuard specialises in providing its consultancy clients with a comprehensive range of technological solutions for review.


The strength of MarineGuard’s design understanding has been built from over a decade of protecting ultra-high value maritime assets throughout the world.


MarineGuard takes full in-house ownership of its security projects throughout installation, deploying its own experienced specialist teams around the globe.


MarineGuard teach, coach and mentor to ensure long-term confidence and competence. Should it be required, further specific training is also available, should crew change at a later date.


The implementation of a thorough maintenance regime is essential to ensuring a client’s security systems continue to provide the same high-level of protection required throughout the time it is in active service.

Research & Development

To ensure MarineGuard remains at the forefront of the industry and is at the cutting edge of maritime security technology, the company maintains a significant in-house research and development capability.

Unrivalled Industry Experience



Through innovative design and unrivalled industry experience, MarineGuard deliver unique solutions, unparalleled in the marine security market.

Outer Perimeter

Diver Tracking

Onboard Intruder Detection

Inner Perimeter

Collision Avoidance

Access Control

Drone Detection

Sub Integration

Tender Tracking

Asset Tracking

A marine security solution should provide concentric layers of protection covering the outer and inner perimeters; this multi-perimeter approach ensures far reaching situational awareness and enables security incidents to be managed and controlled with as much warning and information as possible, so a timely and effective response can be achieved.

MarineGuard’s experience over the years has taught us to ensure a balance of non-intrusive design and location of system elements for the security cover required by the client with the user interface and reliability expected of such a system by a yacht Captain or Head of Operations on a commercial or off-shore facility.

Track A Target

Outer Perimeter

Long-range surface threat detection. The integration of a thermal image camera and radar allows an operator to track a target from a significant distance.

Track Sub-surface

Diver Tracking

MarineGuard can provide sub-surface positioning systems to track sub-surface activities so they can be closely monitored and any alarms reacted to quickly ensuring safety and security to crew and guests.

Using a variety of sensors

Onboard Intruder Detection

The detection systems monitor external doors, key walkways and transition areas using a variety of sensors. The status of all the sensors is displayed on an intuitive graphical user interface within the security control room.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Inner Perimeter

MarineGuard’s Inner Perimeter security can be made up of a sophisticated combination of Event Driven CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems and Intruder Alarm Systems.

Collision Hazards

Collision Avoidance

Bow mounted 2D and 3D arrays can provide detailed sonar images to ensure avoidance of obstacles on and under the surface. The system enables the configuration of alerts to warn of potential collision hazards or shallow water.

Access Privileges

Access Control

MarineGuard can design a system that can be tailored to the client and crew’s requirements enabling access privileges to be generated for groups or individuals without issues.

Privacy and Security

Drone Detection

There is no doubt that drones can be a particular problem in the superyacht industry. MarineGuard has drone detection solutions to maintain privacy and security.

ROVs and Subs

Sub Integration

MarineGuard have successfully integrated numerous ROVs and Subs into our systems so recorded video footage can be displayed at control stations around the vessel.

Inventory of all the tenders

Tender Tracking

Tenders of all natures are continuously increasing in volume and value and are at risk when not secured. An inventory of all the tenders can be created and maintained as the inventory changes or is added to over time.

Track Movement

Asset Tracking

Our visibility solutions use on-board systems to accurately track movement of valuable personal assets. These solutions allow customers to track assets with high accuracy if and when their movement triggers the system.


Perimeter Protection & Asset
Tracking Software

MarineGuards cutting edge software solution SmartGuard enables long range perimeter protection from Air, Surface and Sub Surface threats along with Asset tracking capabilities.

  • Global License Mapping
  • Multiple Targets Camera Tracking
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Radar, AIS, Sonnar Targets
  • Alarm zones

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